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Pokemon the Movie 2018 Poster Reveals Another Remake?

After the release of Pokemon: I Choose You (2017), fans were convinced the franchise would debut another theatrical remake, and a new poster for Pokemon the Movie: 2018 appears to confirm that’s true. OLM and Pokemon Company shared a new poster for their shared film undertaking. Pokemon the Movie: 2018 is set to debut this July, and its latest visual highlights the beast that is Lugia. Watch the trailer below if you haven’t. What do you think about Pokemon Company remaking movies now? Is there a multiverse developing with the…

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First Impressions 

DARLING in the FRANXX: First Impressions (Episodes 1-4)

     Created in in a collaborative effort between A-1 Pictures and Trigger, DARLING in the FRANXX began serialization and its exclusive streaming on the Crunchyroll anime streaming service on January 13, 2018. It’s perhaps one of the most excitedly awaited shows of the season, two titans combining efforts to create an anime that Gurren Lagann fans have been clamoring for from Trigger since the end of the show’s cycle.

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